Software by Michael Heimburger


  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Responsive / Mobile Design
  • BootStrap
  • Flexbox
  • CSSGrid


  • C# / .NETFramework
  • OOP
  • TDD
  • MVC
  • ASP.Net
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery


  • Agile
  • GitHub

Full stack Software Developer with strong problem-Solving and algorithmic thinking skills. Recently graduated from coding bootcamp We Can Code IT, where I learened a wide variety of coding languages. I would be happy to help you find the solutions you are looking for.

Stock Market

Virtual Pet Shelter

Tuscany Villa Site

MVC City Reviews

RTA Feedback Compiler

MVC Virtual Wardrobe

User first enters any number of names of stocks they would like to manage then trades them on a virtual "stock market". Stock prices randomly change everytime that the user advances ot the next month, but can be predicted via random events read in the news

Console app project during WCCI to further my understand of lists, the indidual stock classes store the values of amount owned, current prices, and 3 past prices. Instead of being referenced indivdualy the classes are referenced in code via their location on the list by the user

Skills Used: C#, Visual Studio, OOP.

User manages a "Virtual Pet Shelter" in which they can assist either all or an individual pet's needs which change everytime they interact with them.

Console app project made for WCCI, the indidual pets are classes assigned to lists and when prompted the user either modifies an individual value or all values of all classes on the list.

Skills Used: C#, Visual Studio, OOP.

Static webpage project for WCCI, tasked with replicating a website from a schematic this website uses CSS Grid to allign objects and maintain positions

Skills Used:Visual Studio, HTML5, CSS, CSS Grid, Responsive Design.

Users can log in, submit and view reviews for different cities they have visited.

MVC project for WCCI, database made using code-first MVC.

Skills Used: C#, Visual Studio, MVC, Code-First MVC, CSS, HTML5 ,Bootstrap.

Website that provides transit riders an online interface for a transit agency's printed feedback card, which is currently only accepted via mail. Each entry is provided to a third-party advocacy organization to batch, print (as a PDF) and input USPS-provided tracking numbers for future monitoring by end-users and administrators.

Capstone project for WCCI, worked with a team of four others to develop the end product using SCRUM/AGILE techniques.

Skills Used: C#, Visual Studio, OOP. CSS, CSS Grid, Bootstrap, Javascript, Scrum, Agile, Database-First MVC, Github

Website where users can use pictures of themselves and their clothes to create and view different outfits and preview how they would look with differnet clothes

MVC project for WCCI, uses database first mvc with a many to many relationship so that a single outfit can have multiple shirts/shoes etc..

Skills Used: C#, Visual Studio, OOP. CSS GRID